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Illustration of three active people: one on the left texting and walking with headphones on, one in the center skateboarding with a smartwatch on, and one on the right bicycling wearing wireless earbuds.

Back to School is one of retail’s biggest moments — with parents and students lining up for the best deals on the products they need for a successful year — and our team at Best Buy Ads can help brands that are eager to drive consideration and conversion with Gen Z and their parents.


Best Buy visits by Back to School shoppers1


average college student consumer spend per household2

What Are Shoppers Looking For?

Incoming students are eager to secure computers, home office supplies, small appliances, TVs, and so much more. Some are looking for specific products, but others will become more enthusiastic about a potential purchase when advertising tees up inspirational scenarios they can see themselves in.

Reaching Gen Z

Students respond well to content that reveals how tech will make them feel organized, prepared, and confident. They demand transparency and authenticity, putting extra emphasis on brand values.

These students are also internet natives, so it’s important to understand their unique relationships with technology. For instance, many in Gen Z are excited about tech that helps them stay ahead, and this kind of messaging can motivate an early upgrade.

They’re more click-averse than other generations, so more traditional forms of advertising may not be as effective in driving Gen Z to action. However, 63% of Gen Z is more likely to click on a video than any other format — in fact, the average member consumes 23 hours of video per week.³


of Gen Z consumers use TikTok to search for products online4


of Gen Z consumers made a purchase based on social media posts3

Illustration of three people at a table, each with laptops, consulting with a Best Buy sales associate in a blue polo to their right.

Reaching Parents

Not surprisingly, parents respond to a slightly different approach during Back to School shopping. They care about simple and efficient multi-channel experiences that detail how tech will set their students up for success. They’re also more likely to shop in-store so they can lean on the expertise of sales associates to make informed decisions.


of parents primarily visit in-store for Back to School5


of parents browse, research, and purchase online5

Illustration of a professor with a laptop gesturing towards a whiteboard facing three students at desks with their laptops and tablets.

Why Best Buy Ads?

Thanks to rich customer relationships, our retail media network is uniquely equipped to break through during critical moments to win consumer attention. Back to School is just one time during the year where we help brands tap into our deep connections by drawing impactful insights and planning full-funnel marketing campaigns.

1 in 3

laptops are purchased from Best Buy6


more digital video engagements in 2022 vs. 20217


increase YoY in Best Buy campaign engagements8


of Back to School shoppers purchased some of their tech from Best Buy8

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Students and parents are set to hit stores in mid-July through early August, and we have countless ways to build a campaign to help drive sales. Reach out to a Best Buy Ads Partner & Category Marketer to get started, or fill out the form below.

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