Community Ads: Pair Your Brand with Inspirational Content Partners

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Photo of an influencer opening a package and sitting cross-legged on a wood floor with a phone recording the process.

We’re excited to introduce our newest retail media solution to help your brand form meaningful connections with tech consumers.

Introducing Community Ads — content partners who will connect you with subscribers, routine readers, and loyal followers. Whether they’re creating entertaining videos, thoughtful reviews on, or informative articles, our network of collaborators will spread the word about your product using unique deliveries and perspectives.

Discover all three Community Ads categories that can add a creative, human touch to your campaigns.

1. Influencers

Shine a spotlight on your brand with a personality who specializes in one-of-a-kind content creation. Our Influencer partners can help you drive awareness to reach new audiences or seal the deal with conversion-driving content and affiliate links.

“My content is very sales based and pushes the audience for the sales through links in the description.”
YouTube Creator

It all happens on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. After you decide that you want to work with an Influencer for your advertising efforts, our team will help identify the ideal partner to amplify your product.

Our roster of creators — who routinely converse with their audiences — specialize in turnkey projects. After you share your mission and send your product, they’ll produce content independently in their personal style. Our team will manage communication every step of the way to ensure a smooth process and an outstanding end result.

Photo montage influencers filming their subject material on phones and editing content on computers.
“I have a very close relationship with my followers that span across various platforms. We play video games together, support one another, and interact with each other on a daily basis.”
TikTok Creator

2. Onsite Product Reviews

Reviews on give shoppers a chance to read consumer breakdowns of nearly any product. Using our Onsite Product Reviews, you can populate your product pages by leveraging the perspectives of knowledgeable Best Buy customers.

For newer products, engage in product seeding with our Tech Insider Network. This group of passionate electronics consumers specializes in giving honest, thoughtful, and informative feedback. By sending new products to this group, you can ensure there are valuable reviews on right after launch so you can help inform future buyers.

Review Accelerator is our ongoing way of encouraging product reviews. Shoppers who buy are encouraged to provide their prompt feedback in exchange for an instant Best Buy reward certificate.

“I tend to write my reviews for people who are a bit like me. I also try to focus on how useful a product is for more than just its ‘main’ focus. From my own experience it’s tough to find reviews that cover that angle so I try to include that aspect in what I write.”
Steve P.
Tech Insider Network member

3. Affiliates

Our Affiliate partnerships connect you with trusted third-party sites that specialize in both content and cash-savings.

Content Publishers, like Wirecutter and CNET, are some of the foremost places to learn about the best of the best in tech. Consumer electronics shoppers routinely visit these sites and subscribe to receive updates to guide their future purchases. From “Best of” lists to in-depth product breakdowns, these publishers deliver reputable analysis of products, top-notch SEO, and professional-grade writing. 

Deal & Cash Back services, like RetailMeNot, are another Affiliate option available for our partners. Shoppers follow and frequent these sites to find deals on the products they’re after and discover new ones along the way. 

Montage of brand logos, including: Wirecutter, Digital Trends, CNET, Rakuten, Reviewed, and RetailMeNot

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