Content Ads: High-Impact Brand Experiences

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Content is one of the most effective and versatile ways to move customers along the shopper journey — but not all content is made for every moment. To really make an impact, a customized content approach is required, one that addresses a brand’s big picture instead of just focusing on conversion or awareness alone.

Intro to Content Ads

Content Ads by Best Buy Ads are one of the many solutions we bring our partners to create custom experiences across the entire sales funnel. This unique offering from our team can help promote the discovery of new products, drive conversion, reduce returns, build brand loyalty, and so much more.

Custom Video and Content Amplification

Here’s a snapshot of two effective Content Ads tools we offer:

  • Custom Video Content for placements on YouTube,, and more

Shine a spotlight on tech while benefiting from Best Buy’s voice and credibility. Custom Video Content highlights details that help our partners stand out— including videos focusing on Same-Day Launch, Tech Tips, Demos, and more. Each campaign is tailored to find the best moment to make an impact, like driving awareness, consideration, and post-purchase engagement.

  • Content Amplification for offsite, onsite, and YouTube search channels

Find the right audience at the right time with our suite of paid media tools. Boost original and Best Buy-produced content to connect with customers on the Best Buy website, on YouTube, and throughout the shopper journey.

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Why Content Ads?

First and foremost, our experts create inspirational and thought-provoking video content made to catch the attention of enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike. From introducing the latest and greatest tech to teaching about multi-product experiences that improve lives, we know how to tell compelling stories that resonate with customers.

We can also ensure that recent buyers get the most out of their tech by scaling and distributing instructional content. When customers learn how to assemble products correctly, receive detailed troubleshooting tips, and discover how to get years of use out of their investments, a valuable relationship begins to take shape. These connections set the stage for repeat purchases, and even ambassador opportunities where customers spread the word about their passion for a particular brand.

Start Building Content Ads Today

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