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“The Brand’s Guide to Community Advertising” from Digiday explores insights and tactics that can be used to reach dedicated online communities. In the guide, you’ll learn there are more ways than ever to reach highly engaged consumers who routinely seek out the opinions of influencers, online publications, and peer reviewers.

Read our top three takeaways to learn more about this exciting frontier in advertising.

1. Influencers with followings of all sizes can support full-funnel activities.

The Best Buy Ads roster includes influencers with a range of follower counts. When considering who to partner with, remember that there are unique advantages across the board — from more personalized fan interaction at the micro level to wider reach at higher tiers.

“Influencer marketing is an increasingly maturing channel, and we recommend advertisers engage with a mix of both micro- and macro-influencers for full-funnel objectives and content creation,” said Allison O’Keefe, Senior Marketing Manager, Influencer Marketing.

"While it can be cost-effective to work with micro- and nano-influencers, brands can also unlock greater efficiencies of scale by working with fewer mega- and macro-influencers versus managing a larger volume of content from micro-influencers."
Allison O'Keefe
Senior Marketing Manager, Influencer Marketing

2. Content publishers have deep audience insights to get in front of the most relevant users.

From best-of lists to product breakdowns, content publishers are a go-to source for consumer tech shoppers — especially those who are evaluating a product near purchase. But that’s not the only way brands can benefit from a content partnership.

Best Buy Ads solutions leverage the deep relationships Best Buy has with its customers. When combined with insights from these publications, brands can narrow in on very specific customers to ensure their message is landing with the right audience.

3. Honest and educated feedback from reviewers is more important than positive feedback.

Wanting only positive reviews on a product detail page is an understandable impulse for any brand. However, this runs counter to the proven methods of Best Buy’s Tech Insider Network (TIN) — an invite only collective of reviewers who test new consumer electronics products.

TIN prioritizes honest, educated feedback. Although this opens the risk of a brand receiving a negative review, it serves a greater goal of building trust among shoppers.

“As long as the reviews are honest and educated, we know that products with 20–30 onsite reviews early in the product’s lifecycle have a higher conversion rate and a lower return rate.”
David Bowler
Manager, Best Buy Tech Insider Network

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