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Topic: Targeting

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Many brands want to target their ads and messaging with meticulous detail while simultaneously reaching potential buyers at scale. Unfortunately, because running enough micro-targeted campaigns to achieve scale can be challenging to support creatively and to optimize, these two goals are often at odds with each other.

With our team at Best Buy Ads, however, brands looking to deliver hyper-specific messaging to wide audiences can benefit from the power of retail media to avoid common pitfalls.

Cross-Category Messaging

One way we help brands micro-target at scale is to layer in multiple audience categories. By working in purchase data and activity, we can go beyond someone’s single interaction with a product to make inferences on how that relationship extends to other areas. For example, we can target potential customers who have been browsing both TV and smartphone pages in the past 7 days.

Other cross-category messaging may not seem relevant at first — like targeting wireless speakers to those shopping for grilling accessories. However, as a directional example, an analysis of our customer data set can reveal that people who browse grilling pages are also in the market for a larger patio upgrade and are likely interested in a variety of outdoor products.

Finding Lookalike Audiences

Brands with their own first-party data can reach their full targeting potential with a retail media network like Best Buy Ads. Comparing their audience data with our much larger customer database presents a significant opportunity for finding and creating relationships with Best Buy audiences. For example, if a brand has 100,000 consumers identified as potential pressure cooker buyers, we can use their same attributes to find a wide range of lookalike buyers within our data set. And once we remove recent and existing purchasers, we can develop micro-targeted creative — to a larger audience than they could have identified alone — that delivers serious results.

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Category Expertise, Large-Scale Data

Brands in consumer electronics are uniquely positioned to micro-target at scale with the team here at Best Buy Ads. Our 2.5 billion online, in-store, and in-home interactions per year mean our data is relevant and plentiful, giving brands who partner with us more opportunities they may not expect from a category specialist.

  • Tip: Don’t just focus on prospective buyers. We can help nurture relationships with past customers to encourage device registration or set up warranty coverage. This type of interaction can turn a one-time buyer into a full-on fan of the brand.

Discover the Full Potential of Retail Media Targeting

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