Four Ways to Boost Your Paid Search Campaign

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Wherever a shopper is looking for consumer electronics (CE) products online, we’re right there, too, thanks to our data-driven paid search advertising. CE brands can benefit from an always-on paid search campaign, with Google and Bing search results that display SKUs and link to product detail pages on—but that’sjust the beginning of the story.

There are exciting opportunities behind the scenes at Best Buy Ads to create maximum paid search relevance. Let’s dive into four ways our campaigns can create deeper connections and drive results.

1. Integrate Best Buy Audiences

Each one of our paid search campaigns is powered by first-party data from our deep relationships with Best Buy customers. We have connections with over 200M+ customers who rely on the No.1 consumer tech specialty retailer for everything from innovative electronics to everyday essentials. Our ads across Google and Bing are powered by highly curated first-party audiences, including our most active customer segments.

“Our audience library includes extremely valuable customers like our My Best Buy members and high lifetime spenders. These are our most engaged customers, and integrating first-party data into campaigns allows us to serve them the most relevant ads,” said Seth Hagerty, Senior Director, Performance Marketing.

2. Optimize Across Google Products

With Performance Max, a Google offering that analyzes and improves ads across their entire product inventory, brands can unlock the full potential of YouTube, Gmail, Maps, and more—all with one single campaign.

Best Buy Ads has significant Performance Max experience. This AI-powered tool makes the search process even more efficient and more scalable. Instead of trying to optimize across different text, video, and shopping campaigns, a single budget with a handful of assets can reach the right CE customers across Google’s entire network.

Automated optimization takes away control that many advertisers are accustomed to having, but the results tell a reassuring story: our partners see a 33% increase in ROAS with Performance Max campaigns.* When it comes to optimizing across Google properties, this AI tool continues to help us use our first-party data to its full potential.

3. Drive In-Store Goals

With a large store footprint—more than 1,000 locations in North America—the strong in-person experiences at Best Buy bring incredible value to consumers and brands. From expert Blue Shirt advice to a variety of fulfillment options, hands-on interactions with products are still serving as important touchpoints for customers.

Using Performance Max, any of our paid search campaigns can prioritize in-store goals. Data from Google can share where in the country a brand is popular, a specific customer’s proximity to a Best Buy store, each location’s in-stock inventory, and more. These data points can help forge deeper connections with shoppers by driving them to locations where they can interact with products and receive a more enriching experience.

“With geofencing strategies, we can create a 100-store activation for a brand to focus where their unique opportunity is, rather than painting that across the whole country.”
Seth Hagerty
Senior Director, Performance Marketing

4. Access Campaign Details 24/7

The Best Buy Ads team will holistically take on your paid search efforts to achieve the best outcome. Within that process, brands can access My Ads and view detailed, near real-time reporting. Our self-service dashboard allows brands to interact with campaign details as well, but we encourage clients to give their ads room to breathe before making tweaks.

Seth Hagerty explains it best: “One thing we encourage of our clients taking advantage of self-service: give the algorithm time to work. Competitiveness in the market is constantly changing, so we encourage them to allow campaigns to optimize over a period of time before making adjustments.”

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    *As measured by Google Ads