Reach Planners, Procrastinators, and Deal-Seekers This Holiday Season

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The most wonderful time of the year is also the most competitive for brands. Countless dollars are spent each year to capture the attention of holiday shoppers, but for consumer electronics brands there’s no better way to get in the spirit than a partnership with Best Buy Ads.

Illustration of a Best Buy store exterior with text that reads, “1 in 5 tech purchases in November and December 2022 were at Best Buy.

Deep customer relationships are how we build advertising campaigns that increase customer engagement during peak seasonal moments. Whether you’re reaching the earliest shoppers or saving the day with deals near the finish line, check out these exciting holiday advertising opportunities.

Early Season Shoppers

Start your advertising early as consumers get a jump on their holiday shopping. Whether they’re looking to snag in-demand products or simply crossing holiday shopping off their to-do lists, more people than ever are opting to shop early.

How early? In 2022, 56% of consumers started before Thanksgiving, and 47% completed the entirety of their shopping before the month of December.2 Consumer electronics customers, specifically, are hitting stores early as well, with a reported 40% doing most of their gift shopping before Black Friday.1

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Show up strong with social ads to get in the heads of go-getters who will make their move as soon as they see a good deal.


of consumers shopped before Thanksgiving


of CE customers shopped before Black Friday

Black Friday Shoppers

With Best Buy Ads, you’re front and center during one of the highest-traffic shopping
days of the year. Did you know the holiday is more popular than ever, too? Black Friday
in-store sales across the board were up 12% YoY in 2022, with e-commerce sales growing 14% YoY.3

Whether they’re showing up in person to chase down exclusive items or browsing online for irresistible deals, it pays to get in the heads of Black Friday shoppers weeks in advance so they know exactly what to go after on the big day.

Closeup of a person holding a small tablet with a Black Friday email on the screen.

A Black Friday deals email will give shoppers plenty of time to plan their in-store or online excursion.


Black Friday in-store YoY growth


Black Friday e-commerce YoY growth

Cyber Monday Shoppers

Even the biggest e-commerce day of the year is experiencing a lift. Cyber Monday, a day of exclusive digital deals, grew an astounding 5.8% YoY from 2021 to 2022.2

Break through the noise during a day of fast-moving deals. We offer all kinds of opportunities to reach digital shoppers — whether they want to redeem opportunities missed days earlier or simply prefer the hustle and bustle of this digital-only event.

Closeup of on a tablet with keyboard attachment on a table.

A Black Friday deals email will give shoppers plenty of time to plan their in-store or online excursion.


Cyber Monday YoY growth from 2021 to 2022


of CE customers do most of their buying in December

Last-Minute Shoppers

Don’t forget about the shoppers who are finishing up (or just starting) their holiday shopping during the waning days of December. It pays to give this audience a chance to get great deals at a moment when stress is high and the door is closing. They also represent a solid number of total holiday gifters — 27% of electronics shoppers do most of their buying in December.1
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Offsite display ads can find a frantic shopper no matter where they’re browsing the web.

Hit Your Holiday Goals with Best Buy Ads

The final months of the year are a perfect opportunity to unwrap over 180,000,000 Best Buy customers.4 From data-driven placements throughout the shopper journey to unique opportunities in-store, now’s the chance to activate your conversion-driving partnership with our retail media experts.  

Connect with our Partner & Category Marketing team to start planning your season’s greetings.

Ask a Best Buy Ads expert about retail media today.

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