Insights to Action: Map Your Path to Retail Media Success

Topic: Measurement

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When it comes to measurement, retail media networks are far from standardized. In fact, advertisers use an average of five to nine different retail media partners, each potentially using their own unique way of reporting.*

Knowing this potential lack of consistency between networks, it’s important to find partners who can reach your audience and prove success every step of the way in terms you can understand.

At Best Buy Ads, our team dives deep into data to identify trends, insights, and opportunities for brands and advertisers. Here’s what sets us apart.

Data From Deep Customer Relationships

Best Buy creates unique connections with customers as they discover, try, buy, and more. These relationships are the foundation of how we serve advertising partners like you. Not only can we prove ROI for campaigns, but we can also identify how you’re performing within highly targeted consumer electronics (CE) audiences.


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Closed-Loop Reporting

Our ability to “close the loop” is a major asset for advertisers. Simply put, it means we can prove the path from ad exposure to in-store and online sales.

Many retail media networks are only capable of “basket-level reporting,” which attributes ad exposure to sales even if the customer didn’t purchase your product. Instead, Best Buy Ads reporting operates at the SKU-level and records a single customer’s journey from awareness to conversion with a 90% revenue identification rate.

A Range of Service Offerings

Partners can work with our team closely, measure campaigns independently, and anywhere in between.

Our managed services include face-to-face meetings with our Reporting & Insights team. These specialists are eager to provide product-specific support, easy-to-understand analytics, and actionable insights to fuel your campaigns. In addition, each CE product category has a dedicated representative to assist your team.

We also offer self-service capabilities through My Ads — featuring hands-on reporting for onsite display advertising and sponsored product campaigns. Our plans for the platform are just getting started, too. We’re hard at work on reporting enhancements across more channels and products, including paid search, as well as API integrations that will enable easier access to My Ads data.

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Start Measuring Success Today

Ready to execute campaigns with deep customer relationships and in-depth reporting? Reach out to our team to discover a better way to measure your CE campaigns.

Contact the Reporting & Insights team today.

    *Unpacked: Framing measurement and attribution solutions in a fragmented RMN ecosystem