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Consumer electronics (CE) shoppers visit over 10 billion times per year and log 70 million Best Buy app page views each week. As a result, we have one of the most powerful search engines for customers to learn, discover, and shop for the latest and greatest in tech.

That’s why we recommend Sponsored Products to each of our brand partners. These ad placements seamlessly blend into the shopper experience to promote your products and turn interest into sales on and the Best Buy app.

Reach shoppers who are ready to buy

As a part of our Search Ads solution, Sponsored Products engage shoppers at the heart of their journey. A combination of search banner, recommendation engine, suggested search box, and in-list search placements bring your chosen products to light during a key moment of influence.

Thanks to our deep customer relationships, shoppers browsing our site see the most relevant products possible based on our knowledge of their purchase history, the products they engage with, their membership in Best Buy loyalty programs, and more.

“The audience is already prequalified. When you buy your ad, you’re in front of one of the largest and most focused CE audiences.”
Seth Hagerty
Senior Director, Performance Marketing
Best Buy

Resolve the full-funnel journey

Best Buy Ads offers a full suite of advertising solutions, starting with offsite experiences on CTV and social media all the way through to the final purchase and beyond.

Located at the evaluation stage of the funnel, Sponsored Products are uniquely built to drive action. Once we guide customers to our website, a search banner, for instance, creates a short and efficient path to a potential sale.

One messaging tactic we recommend for driving action is to feature opportunities that are available for a limited time, like seasonal sales promotions. We can also, for example, pair ads featuring TVs with messages about upcoming viewership opportunities, like live professional sports.

Measure each product’s success

Our Reporting & Insights team manages every step of your Sponsored Products campaign with sales attribution down to the SKU level. Through this managed service offering, ​your brand will benefit from real-time campaign optimizations by our in-house search team to drive optimal performance.

For partners who require more customization, we also offer self-service through My Ads where campaigns can be adjusted and monitored 24/7.

Promote your products today

Ready to amplify your message and convert CE audiences on and the Best Buy app? Reach out to a member of our team to learn more about Sponsored Products and our other advertising solutions today.

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