New Report: The State of Retail Media

Topic: Industry Insights

Read Time: 2 minutes

Illustration of a large, hollow smartphone with three shelves that contain consumer electronics, large appliances, a shopping cart, and shopping bag images.

What’s next for retail media? Retailers, brands, and agencies are all eager for the answer. Media and consumer behaviors change so rapidly that we wanted to dig in and explore the shifts we’ve noticed this year and see what’s to come.

To better understand how brands and agencies think about and use retail media, we worked with Digiday to survey 75 brands (52%) and agencies (48%). The outcome: an insight-packed, detailed report on The State of Retail Media.

Our Top Three Retail Media Takeaways

Through this survey and research with Digiday, we discovered a number of key insights, including these highlights:

  • From 2022 to 2023, brands spending 41-60% of their budget on retail media grew from 19% to 46%.
  • Nearly half of all respondents found retail media more effective than other non-retail media channels.
  • Agencies will seek out more self-service retail media models in future years, while brands will maintain managed service relationships.

Ready to dig deeper into how agencies and brands are embracing retail media? Download your copy of the report today.