Search Ads: Help Tech Enthusiasts Find More Than Expected

Topic: Product Category Spotlight

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On the left, there is an illustration of human walking holding a smart phone. On the right, there is a up-close illustration of the Best Buy App interface.

Search engines and onsite search bars make it easy for internet users to find more of what they love online. Likewise, Search Ads from Best Buy Ads is a way for consumer electronics (CE) audiences to connect with more of the tech products they want and discover their new favorites.

Check out how we can help your brand capture consumer attention offsite through the most popular search engines and onsite at Best Buy’s owned properties.

Offsite Paid Search

Our Paid Search offering will send your products to the top of Google and Bing search results — driving traffic, promoting sales, and building brand loyalty. Your message will appear on both sites through text and shopping ads to direct traffic back to your product pages on

A laptop and phone mock-up displaying Search Ads.

Google has over 90% market share of global search engine traffic, making it a great destination to meet customers. Bing also has exciting potential thanks to its connection with Microsoft and exciting tech capabilities, like artificial intelligence tool DALL-E.

Our partners can also look forward to a lower cost-per-click on both search engines, since algorithms favor the high quality and relevance of Search Ads thanks to their connection with Best Buy. Together, these two destinations provide optimal Paid Search potential your brand.

Onsite Sponsored Products

CE shoppers search on and the Best Buy app to discover new tech, compare prices, dig into product details, and so much more. Our search page is the premier destination to place ads that reach these high-intent customers.

Place your products at the top of relevant user searches with Sponsored Products —native ads that seamlessly blend into the shopper experience. These ads are triggered by product attributes, relevance, and customer behaviors.

The anatomy of a Sponsored Product ad is simple. A single ad has one product image, product name, rating, and price. Although streamlined, seeing both price and user rating at a glance is a compelling way to instantly pique interest and direct shoppers to your product pages.

A laptop and phone mock-up displaying Sponsored Products.

Start Your Search

Paid Search on Google and Bing, along with Sponsored Products on Best Buy properties, can get you in front of the most passionate and relevant CE audiences. Have a chat with the experts at Best Buy Ads to learn how you can drive sales with Search Ads today.

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