Social Ads: Stop the Scroll, Start Making Connections

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Social Ads reach consumer electronics (CE) customers where they discover, share, and get inspiration. From brand awareness to conversion-driving retargeting, Best Buy’s deep customer relationships can help you show up strong and create engagement on social platforms from Meta to TikTok.

Social Media + Retail Media

Our first-party data, powered by Best Buy shoppers, helps us reach your most dedicated audiences on the top social media sites.

With the ability to build audiences based on over 15,000 targeting attributes, there are plenty of exciting opportunities to reach your future customers on timelines, video feeds, and more.

Building Your Social Presence

After learning your goals and business objectives, our team will recommend the right social media mix to help you accomplish your goals. Our ads fall into one of two categories: Paid Social Ads and Paid Social Retargeting.

Paid Social Ads

Join the conversation with custom, targeted social posts built to drive awareness and consideration among your audience members. Whether it’s a single image on Pinterest or a video on Facebook, your product will take the spotlight with compelling visuals and copy.

And thanks to our dedicated team, all campaigns are managed holistically to ensure every platform is operating at the right capacity.

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Paid Social Retargeting

Reintroduce audiences to products they’ve made a connection with on and the Best Buy app. Retargeting ads leverage dynamic creative, including shopping ads for quick on-platform purchases and carousel posts for product-based campaigns.

We typically serve retargeted social on a 6–12-week timeframe to ensure we’re reaching customers with products that are top-of-mind.

But First, Let’s Socialize

Ready to make Social Ads a part of your marketing strategy? It all starts with a conversation, so reach out and connect with the Best Buy Ads team today.

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