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A variety of healthy lifestyles — and the products that make them possible — are making strides among consumers. Americans spent $450M on wellness products last year, reflecting 79% of who believe that wellness is an important part of their lives. 2023 is poised to be a big year for fitness as well, since the plan to “live a healthier life” was the top new year’s resolution for Americans coming into 2023.*


spent on wellness products and services in the U.S., growing >5% annually*


of consumers believe that wellness is an important part of their lives*

You can motivate this growing crowd of health-conscious individuals with products that encourage active and nourishing lifestyles. Read on for a deeper dive into who these wellness audiences are and how our retail media solutions can help you reach them.

Millennials Value Wellness More Than Other Generations

People born between the early 80s and late 90s are leading the wellness charge with over half of the generation prioritizing “better health.” Plus, millennials spend twice as much on self-care compared to baby boomers, with 46% reporting fitness product and service purchases.*

Don’t count out other generations, though. Fitness and wellness tech is being used more often among all age groups*, and our unique targeting capabilities can help you make an impression on active audiences in any age group.

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Health-Conscious Audiences Rely On Content Creators

Wellness seekers like to find inspiration and education from individuals on their health journeys. 60% of consumers cite influencers being important to brand discovery in this category, a number up 20% over the past two years.* From recipe recommendations on TikTok to full-on workout videos on YouTube, there are countless ways that influencers can create content to spotlight a product.

Wellness Products Have Benefits Beyond Exercise

Best Buy Ads has relationships with customers who are seeking fitness equipment — from rowing machines to exercise bikes — but the interactions don’t stop there. Consumers also turn to Best Buy for other products that support healthy habits:

  • Smart Devices: One of the top purchases for those pursuing a healthier lifestyle are electronics that track movement and lifestyle habits.

  • Reset + Refocus Products:Devices that monitor sleep, improve skincare, and even help people revamp their living spaces.

  • Meal Enhancers: Products that encourage eating well, like juicers, blenders, and even tech-infused water bottles.
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Build a Multi-Channel Wellness Strategy with Best Buy Ads

We offer a full suite of advertising options for health brands in consumer electronics and beyond. Reach out to a Best Buy Ads retail media expert to begin your wellness campaign.

Let’s start planning your wellness strategy today.

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