A leading headphones brand was heard loud and clear using mobile ad placements.

A leading headphones brand

Mother’s Day gift giving


lift in online revenue


Break through the promotional clutter to drive online sales.

A leading headphones brand needed a way to break through the Mother’s Day promotional clutter to drive sales of their earbuds during a critical holiday timeframe, reaching moms and Mother’s Day gift shoppers.


Apply a hyper targeted, mobile-first approach.

Using a hyper-targeted approach, a variety of high-impact and homepage takeover ads were served across desktop, mobile and app to reach consumers who had a high in-market propensity for earbuds.


Audiences were engaged by cross-category tech and promotional messaging as they were exploring, learning, and narrowing their options.
Product: Onsite display (standard & premium)


Customers converted when they were introduced to messaging at point of sale—which helped increase urgency and remove hesitation.
Product: In-store (proximity messaging)


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Used a mix of high-impact mobile and homepage placements.

Using high-impact display and in-store advertising, we were able to drive awareness of their product with added impressions—leading to greater consumer awareness to keep the brand top of mind as users shopped online. This ultimately drove an increase in online sales of their products over the holiday timeframe.


They leveraged a mobile targeting approach to serve display ads to in-market consumers.

lift in online revenue*

lift in online units sold*



lift in omni-channel revenue*

*all stats are compared to week prior