PMG delivered content to holiday electronics shoppers to boost pajama sales for their client.


Customer acquisition


lift in purchase intent


Moving shoppers from awareness to consideration

Digital marketing agency, PMG, was looking to capture the attention of active holiday shoppers to drive pajama sales during a critical retail season for their leading apparel retailer client.


Dressing up the perfect geo- targeted content to capture attention and generate sales.

We set our sights on reaching active holiday shoppers, piquing their interest and influencing their shopping behavior with an attention-grabbing, geo-targeted approach at more than 460 Best Buy stores located near their client’s retail store locations.


Tuning in new customers with in-store video content.

We leveraged in-store advertising on our TV and PC monitor wall to reach active holiday shoppers with high-quality video content that captured attention and influenced customers’ next stop during their holiday shopping.


“Working with Best Buy Ads allowed us to find a connection to unique audiences that aligned to our client’s business goals during the holiday season. The quick planning and smooth execution led to strong results, and we look forward to continued success through our partnership with Best Buy Ads!”

Mary Walkup
Sr. Director, Client Strategy

lift in purchase intent*

were likely to buy holiday pajamas with PMG’s client*

impressions delivered*

*among Best Buy In-Store Channel viewers who recalled the ad