Success Story

A leading meal kit company found innovative ways to drive customer acquisition.

Category: Non-Endemic

Campaign: Customer acquisition

New qualified prospects reached


Find innovative ways to reach new customers.

The meal kit company was looking for a unique way to reach new customers and diversify their marketing tactics to reach prospects with attributes that were similar to their loyal member base.

Photo of a parent and child preparing a meal in a kitchen


Reach an untapped market through a retail partnership.

Tapping into Best Buy’s first-party data, the brand uncovered millions of prospective customers with attributes similar to their existing subscribers.


Applied an omni-channel targeting approach.

Targeted three contextually relevant audience segments with high conversion potential using direct mail and offsite display:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Cooking Afficionados
  • Small Appliance Purchasers


new qualified prospects*




above impression goal*

“Partnering with Best Buy has been a terrific experience. The team is very knowledgeable and flexible, always willing to work together with brand partners to achieve the desired outcome & KPIs. They’re also always brainstorming new, out-of-the-box initiatives based on our feedback, making them a true partner we love to test new ideas with!”

*All stats are compared to three weeks prior.