Success Story

How our Awareness Influencers wowed upper-funnel audiences

Topic: Case Studies

Time: 2 Minute

Followers reached


Creating a memorable first impression with shoppers

Brands have more ways than ever to reach top-of-funnel audiences. On the other hand, the competition is fierce for consumer attention, which is why a retail media network like Best Buy Ads can make all the difference.

Our partners not only have the benefit of first-party audience data to target consumer electronics (CE) audiences—we also have exciting solutions that have helped brands stand out in crowded spaces.


Joining the conversation with Awareness Influencers

Awareness Influencers create content for highly targeted shoppers on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. With followings of all sizes, our roster of creators helps drive scale and engagement with any CE audience.


Driving impressions, clicks and engagement with five social media creators

Five of our brand partners saw significant results with Awareness Influencers ranging from 100K to 1M+ followers.

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  • Discover how our Awareness Influencers created major upper-funnel opportunities for five consumer tech brands.