See What’s Next in CTV with Roku Advertising and Best Buy Ads

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Roku Advertising and Best Buy Ads are joining forces to usher in a new chapter in CTV advertising. We formally launched this first-to-market venture at SXSW, where we announced we’ll be offering new ways to reach audiences with first-party data on CTV and measure results with detailed performance reports.

The #1 Streaming Platform Meets the #1 Consumer Tech Retailer

Roku has 70 million active users who recorded 87.4 billion streaming hours in 2022. Best Buy has served over 180 million customers and logs 2.5 billion online, in-store, and in- home customer interactions per year. Together, these deep relationships with our respective audiences create a massive opportunity for advertisers.


First-Party Audiences


Customer Attributes

Better Targeting. More Insights.

Through this partnership, we’ll integrate first-party audience data into Roku’s OneView platform to make CTV more performance-driven and relevant. Advertising partners will be able to work with Roku Advertising and our team to target, optimize, and measure ads on Roku using Best Buy shopper data to ensure consumers are seeing advertising content that resonates. Post-campaign direct sales measurement will also be available to quantify the success of campaigns and how they drove sales at Best Buy, showing the closed-loop sales impact of CTV ads on OneView.

“We’re bringing together our entire business to build the future of entertainment and advertising — making the TV experience simpler, offering the right marketing, data, tech, and scale to drive real results, and helping win the entire streamer’s journey together with Best Buy.”
Julian Mintz
Co-Head of U.S. Brand Sales for Roku Media

Ready to Reach CTV Audiences in Exciting New Ways?

Additional testing opportunities are planned for Q2 of this year. Contact a Best Buy Ads Partner & Category Marketer to learn how to take advantage of this new CTV opportunity.

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